Free Aries Zodiac Sign Horoscope 2021

Free Aries Horoscope

Everyone has got some favorite colour. However things get much more interesting when we are aware of our lucky colour as per our zodiac. Every zodiac is mainly ruled by some other planet and thus all zodiac signs have some unfavorable as well as some favorable colours.

  • Ruling Planet: Mars
  • Represented by: Ram
  • Type: Fire
  • Behavior: Cheerful Personality
  • Lucky Colour: Red
  • Lucky Number: 9

The ruling planet for Aries is Mars and Aries Zodiac Sign is first sign in Astrology. Being the sign of fire, it’s movable as well as fiery. Red is considered to be auspicious for Aries. It is the symbol for mobility, energy, purity as well as aggressiveness which is considered to be lucky for Aries. Apart from this colour, other lucky colours for Aries include yellow, white, etc. The shades which need to be avoided include green, black and blue.

Aries Horoscope

Since Arians are Ram, they have the advantage of being the head and pioneer of wheel of zodiac signs. Aries is the fiery brand which shapes the life of people with initiation, daring as well as endeavors with quirk of bravery as well as boldness. Arians have very powerful and strong characteristics. Refreshing honesty as well as frankness is considered to be important for nature of Arians.

They face a lot of issues upfront in place of trying and beating around bush or blaming other for any kind of situation. Deviousness as well as deceptiveness are not known to these people. They are only interested with the concerns which revolve around them or which affect them in some way or the other. They are straightforward and their life is also an open book. They instant smile as well as innocence softens the aggressiveness as well as egocentricity.

Aries Astrology

They have a very strong sense for purpose as well as impulse for doing everything. Nothing is impossible for them. They always march frontwards for achieving the purpose and am in life with positivity, zeal and vigour. They never lose hope and they also don’t get tired till they achieve the desired goal.

They have the capability of high growth and pulling and pushing themselves till they expand or achieve the desired goals or progress in this way. They have extra energy as well as enthusiasm for execution of ideas and accomplishment of the tasks for achieving their goals. They wish to head the career they choose or be involved in the business or profession of their choice. They are courageous and they are extremely satisfied in following the footsteps of others.


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