Free Libra Zodiac Sign Horoscope 2021

  • Ruling Planet: Venus
  • Represented by: Balance Scales
  • Lucky Colour: White and green
  • Lucky Number: 6
  • Characteristics: Sociable

Librans are considered to be fair, peaceful and they extremely hate staying alone. Partnership is extremely important for these people and someone providing them an ability to mirror themselves. These people are quite fascinated with the symmetry and the balance they have and they are constantly chasing for equality and justice realising through their life that the single thing which needs to be important for themselves in the inner core of their personality. They are ready for almost anything and everything for avoiding conflict, keeping peace as and when possible.

The Libra sign is Air sign and is set between Aquarius and Gemini giving them continuous mental stability, strong intellect as well as a keen mind-set. They are inspired by effective books, insurmountable people and discussions who want to say a lot of things. Every Libra representative needs to be very careful while speaking to others because when they compel themselves to decide on something coming towards them or for selecting sides, they realise that they may be in a wrong place or surrounded by the wrong people.

The planet which rules the sign is Venus which makes them great lovers and it also makes them fond of costly and materialistic things. Their lives have to be constantly enriched by art, music as well as beautiful places that they may visit.

Libra is a sign for marriage which makes its representatives open to traditional pathway of love. Although elements of air give them flexibility, they still feel quite strongly pulled towards the tradition as well as their desire would eventually turn towards putting love on the paper, well organising and serving the purpose for creating a particular image for outside world. In one way, every Libran is looking for a partner who’s got an ability for setting clear boundaries.

Born with Sun as the sign, these people are often motivated by a desire of taking action around the principles of justice, equality as well as fairness.

It is symbolised by scales. Peace, mater of law as well as social interaction are mainly governed by the sun sign. As the Cardinal sign, it is concerned mainly with a need to take action. They would achieve it in a way which is oriented with the help of interpersonal connections since a trigger for driving them ahead is required. They often tend to find harmony in the way they deal with others.

The colours which are considered lucky for Librans are light blue as well as white.

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