Astrology is a profound subject that deals with the study of positions of the celestial bodies. It studies the impact of the planetary positions on human life. Our astrologer Pundit Anil Bhargavji is a veteran Jyotishi in Mumbai. Anilji holds extensive knowledge of every aspect of Vedic astrology and numerology.
Astrology is an ancient science that works on pre-set principles. However, what is significant is the accuracy and experience. Anil Bhargavji is a famous astrologer in Mumbai with rich experience in a variety of skills.
• Palm reading
• Face reading
• Vashikaran
• Kundali matching
• Kundali making
His accurate resolutions to varied life problems are highly appreciated. He is providing astrological remedies to many people in Mumbai, Pune, Surat, and other cities of India.
Famous Jyotishi of Mumbai
Anilji is a learned jyotishi providing top quality horoscope consultation. He is also skilled in preparing accurate birth charts. His in-depth knowledge about zodiacs and kundali making has earned him a position of top horoscope consultation.
He advises on zodiac signs, auspicious days, colours, and numbers. He provides personal and financial guidance for best decisions
People approach him for best Rashibhavishya and predictions. He has in-depth knowledge of every Rashi. Based on the time and date of the birth, he quickly delivers the horoscope of the person. He is also a popular astrologer for Guna Milan or horoscope matching.
Love Problem Solution Astrologer
Love often faces lots of hurdles in the path. Young lovers often face various social, emotional, and familial troubles. Astrology has precise remedies to eliminate these problems. Anilji is one of the best love astrologers in Mumbai helping lovers and couples. Complicated love problems find hassle-free and faster upaay with his Vedic procedures.
He provides the right procedures to solve various love problems. Youngsters or parents of teenagers approach our astrologer for all types of love issues. Some of the most common love problems he has solved so far are here.
• Inter-caste marriages
• Mangalik problem
• Horoscope problems
• Breakups
• Love triangles
• One-sided love affair
• Disapproval from parents
• Frequent fights and emotional issues
Lovers also visit us to find a solution to various other problems. Many frustrated lovers contact him to get their ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend back in life.
Astrological Solutions for Love Problems
Every problem finds satisfactory answer in astrology. But it is important that you contact only reputed Jyotishi. No one is returned disappointed from Aniji. Our astrologer uses his extensive and insightful knowledge. Being a top love astrologer in Mumbai, he offers various innocent procedures. The astrological remedies with us are many as discussed below.
Major astrological procedures for problem solution-
• Vashikaran
• Tantra-mantra
• Jaap
• Pooja and havan
• Gemstone recommendation
• Numerology suggestions
• Vastu changes
Our remedial measures have brought peace, happiness, and satisfaction in hundreds of lives. Young couples have found a cordial solution to their love problems. Many desperate parents of teenagers also find resolutions for issues related to their teenage kids.
Online Astrologer
Astrology not only studies the impacts of the stars. It also suggests remedial measures as said above. But not everyone can determine and implement the measures. You need a scholarly and experienced jyotishi. Anilji is practising all the segments of astrology for long years. With his accurate and friendly consultation and prediction, he has gained immense popularity. He is providing an affordable consultant for various problems. Customers contact him to get help through various ways.
• Online astrological consultancy
• Telephonic consultation
• Personal visit
With us, people can get live astrology advice from anywhere. Our astrologer speaks on scheduled time through Skype or another app. He also offers quick telephonic advice for any personal issue.
Why Choose Us
We are an experienced astrologer with a professional approach. We take complete care of every customer whether on phone or chat or in person.
Our consultations are straight from Anilji who is a top astrologer in Mumbai.
1. Knowledge of diverse fields of astrology
2. A complete guarantee of confidentiality
3. Friendly conversation
4. Quick ears for listening and understanding
5. Positive vashikaran techniques
We also specialize in solving love and marriage problems. The modern life witnesses a high number of emotional and psychological problems. All types of marital and love problems reach a smooth solution with us. Anil Bhargavji is a famous love astrologer in Mumbai ready to offer precise astrological measures to solve problems.
He is proficient in providing simple tips that can make your life happier and wealthier. He is a known name for varied financial, career, and business problems. His stronghold in financial as well as marriage and love problems make him the top jyotishi in Mumbai.

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