What is Shani Dosha? and Its Remedies

As per astrology, our life is governed by the planets and nakshatras. Among all the planets, shani is one of the most powerful and influential. Saturn‛s wrath invites lots of troubles into one‛s life. According to Vedic astrology, shani is a malefic but important planet. Its presence in certain houses [...]

What is Nadi Dosha? How to Remove it?

Nadi is one of the 8 tests in kundali Milan or kundali matching process. Nadi koota is the most significant test carrying highest points i.e. 8 points. The test assesses and matches the health compatibility of the proposed partners. The nadi of the proposed couple should not be similar. If [...]

Gand Mool Nakshatra and Remedies

As per Vedic astrology, there are 27 nakshatras, also known as constellations. Out of 27, six nakshatras are ruled by the powerful planets Rahu and Ketu. These 6 nakshatras are revati, ashlesha, Ashwini, moola, jyeshtha, and Magha. These six nakshatras collectively make gandmool nakshatras and are unlucky for the native. [...]

What is Birth Astrology?

Birth astrology has an age-old tradition in India. As a newborn arrives in the world, family consults an expert astrologer. The precise time and date of birth is noted and informed to the astrologer. Birth astrology is a specialized segment of astrology that deals with birth chart. The birth chart [...]

What is Vashikaran?

The word vashikaran itself springs up hundreds of types of different beliefs and disbeliefs in one‛s mind. Vashikaran simply refers to a technique or an occult art of gaining control over something. Like most of the things in the world, this too has positive and negative perspectives. In astrology, vashikaran […]

Top 10 Astrologer in India

Top 10, Famous and Best Astrologer in India Are you looking for the Famous Astrologer in India? We have presented a list of the most famous astrology experts in India. It will help you to get solutions for your personal problems. Astrology has a vast community of believers worldwide. Astrology [...]

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