Navgrah Pooja

Navgraha Shanti Pooja

Navgraha Shanti Pooja

Navgrah Pooja refers to a ritual in which all nine Lords or planets are worshipped to reduce negativity in one’s life and allow one to lead a happy and peaceful life. These nine planets include Surya, Chandra, Mangal, Budha, Braspathi, Shukra, Shani, Rahu and Ketu. These planets play a significant role in shaping your life, so it is necessary to ensure that neither of these are afflicted since that can lead to several problems.

Navgrah pooja is an essential ritual that has been performed since ancient times. It fosters auspiciousness and leads to both personal and professional growth. Astrologer Anil Bhargavji performs the Navgrah pooja for people who wish to reap the positive benefits of the nine planets and attain the highest level of prosperity. An auspicious date and time are chosen to perform the pooja, during which all the nine planets are offered prayers to gain their blessings.

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Benefits of Navgrah Pooja

Navgrah pooja benefits will foster growth in all aspects of your life since it involves the worship of all the nine Lords.

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Navgrah pooja is the one-step solution to all your life’s problems. With just one pooja, you can improve several aspects of your life and achieve all your personal as well as professional goals. So, waste no time, and book the Navgrah pooja today with Anil astrologer, for divine blessings.


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I came recently in touch with Anil ji, I have a very good experience with them and his predictions. Guruji explains everything with all planetary details. He has explained me everything in detail and giving all the solutions that can help me in improving my current conditions.

- Griva H Shah

Mr Anil Ji is a very good person, a person who always inspires others with his positive attitude and vibration. His words and immense knowledge always show the right path to others . I am sure people will be benefitted by his valuable guidance.

- Drimesh Mehta

Excellent place for all your family problems. Best person i have ever met in my life. Resolve all my problems. Very humble and down to earth person Guru Anil ji. Thank you so much guru ji.

- Jayesh Parmar

Mr. Anil ji best astrologer in India. I have my personal experience. He saw my Kundli and detailed me from each and every aspects. I would recommend him best to best.. Thanks

- Puja Sharma

Highly knowledgeable astrologer, best remedies suggested ,nice behaviour, unlike other money minded astrologers, I Really thankful to him . Would like to strongly recommend him for his wisdom, astro knowledge and overall guidance.

- Gautam Rathod

I live in the Australia and was looking for a good astrologer to speak to. Mr. Anil Ji listens to every question with patience and gives answer in detail hearing to which I am 100% satisfied.

- Jigar Patel

Very accurate predictions and perfect analysis of horoscope. The remedies suggested are also very simple, easy to do and economical.

- Ananya Munjal

He is best love problem solution provider and astrologer in India. Unlike other guruji he is very well educated astrologer who can guide you better than other love problem solution guruji in India.

- Deepanshu Sethia

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