6 Zodiac Signs That Stalk Their Ex The Most

6 Zodiac Signs That Stalk Their Ex The Most
March 16, 2023

6 Zodiac Signs That Stalk Their Ex The Most

Certain astrological signs may have a tendency to take their relationships to an unhealthy level, turning into persistent pursuers of former partners after the relationship has ended.

We will explore which 6 Zodiac Signs That Obsess Over Their Ex.


Aries often adopt a stalking-like behavior after their relationship ends, and it’s no surprise why – they are the most passionate of all zodiacs. They take charge in relationships and remain devoted to those closest to them. Though this commitment is usually beneficial, it can sometimes become too aggressive. Nevertheless, Aries’ unrelenting pursuit of their goals demonstrates the intensity with which they approach everything in life.

These natives are determined to discover the reasons for their failed relationships. Rather than accept it and move on, they become an obsessive stalker of zodiac signs. Even within friendships, these men and women can be overly clingy; if you step away from them or refuse their advances, they will devote themselves to tracking you down in order to regain your friendship or win back your heart.


Cancerians are passionate and sensitive souls. If they detect the slightest discrepancy between them and their partner, they will shut down and ignore that person. But if fully committed to someone, it’s nothing short of remarkable how devoted they can be in a relationship. When talking about zodiac signs who stalk their exes – well, when it comes to Cancer men or women, let’s just say things get downright psycho-ish! They may appear docile but beneath this tranquil exterior lies an inner craziness after separation from a past beloved.

For Cancer individuals, regaining former love is a top priority. They will beg and plead in an attempt to rekindle the flame of their relationship any action that they feel could prove beneficial in gaining them back. Nonetheless, when it becomes clear that this effort is fruitless and futile, those with this zodiac sign are quick to move on as if nothing ever existed between them at all.

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Those born under the astrological sign of Leo are known for their courage, creativity, and self-assuredness. However, this zodiac sign comes with a darker side: an inclination to be overly persistent in relationships. For example, once a relationship ends between them and another person, Leos often will not accept it and work hard to reinsert themselves into that previous partner’s life – regardless of how much privacy they need or deserve.

Those affected by heartbreak will follow, pursue and do whatever they can to discover the reasons their former friend left them. They may chase their ex or inquire from mutual acquaintances if they are seeing someone new in an attempt to gain closure.


Scorpios are driven, magnetic figures who thrive on obstacles and intrigue. With their ambition and determination leading the way, they often find success in life’s endeavors. They also display a strong sense of loyalty towards those closest to them but will not accept anything less than absolute respect for themselves. When feeling threatened or out of control, however, these people can become vengeful powerhouses that should be approached with caution!

Scorpios are renowned for their obsessive tendencies, often checking up on their partners’ last-seen status and following them in the most peculiar ways. This makes them one of the most notorious stalker zodiac signs. Ex-friends beware – once a Scorpio has labeled you an enemy, they may take some concerning actions to track your every move!


Sagittarius is widely recognized for their intrepid and ambitious character, however, they can be spiteful and vengeful when feeling vulnerable or deceived. They are steadfast in protecting what matters to them and never falter from standing up for themselves; yet, this sign is wary of unfamiliar people, potentially resulting in a stalking-like attitude.

When a relationship comes to an end for a Sagittarius, they transform into someone unrecognizable. These men and women never stop pursuing their former partners until they move on completely. On the surface, these people usually seem as if they’re minding their own business but deep down inside; they have become such huge stalker signs that it causes other individuals to label them maniacs.

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For any Pisces, the most difficult part is to admit that their beloved has chosen another. Although they are known for being passionate and deeply loving individuals, when scorned, these people can turn into a dangerous force.

When someone leaves them, they become oblivious to anything else and stay in denial. This ultimately leads to the person becoming one of the most intense stalker archetypes according to zodiac signs. After their objectives have shifted, they concentrate solely on tracking down details about their ex-lover while obsessively trying to get back together with them again.

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