Benefits of Ek Mukhi Rudraksha

Benefits of Ek Mukhi Rudraksha
March 02, 2021

Benefits of Ek Mukhi Rudraksha

Rudraksha is mainly contemplated as eye of Shiva. Rudra signifies Lord Shiv and Aksha which signifies tears of Aansu. As per the Hindu mythology. It’s believed that Rudraksha is obtained with tears of Shiva.

It’s just a type of a fruit which is used by people to wear. It is called the Utrasum Beads in English and in Latin it is called Elaeocarpus ganitrus Rox. There is in all 123 types of the Rudraksha but just 25 types of the Rudraksha are available in India out of these.

Generally, people know about one to fourteen types or faces and sixteen and twenty five is called shubhaksha or bhadraksha. As per Shiva Purana Rudraksh, it is known as identity of Shiva. It’s the utterance of the reality of cosmic forces. The cleft of rudraksha signifies faces of the stone.

People generally wear rudraksha for the spiritual purposes and medicinal purposes. It’s also considered that when someone wears rudraksha, all negative energies are kept away from that person. In the ancient times, the Munis and the Yogis wear rudraksha for spiritual as well as medicinal purposes. But, thesedays’ people are also inclined towards the rudraksha as it’sbelieved in India that there are a number of followers of Shiva and rudraksha is identity of Lord Shiv.

Some of the people also used to use rudraksha for relieving stress, treating issues related to heart, anxiety, hypertension, depression, etc.

One faceted Rudraksha is mainly found in India and other countries. But, it’s believed that the rudraksha of Nepal is extremely powerful as compared to other. People wearing Nepali rudraksha would get best as well as instant results. It rarely happens that it is also quite expensive. A lot of people have witnessed a very positive changes in the life as well as health after the worship of the rudraksha.

There’s just one cleft about the rudraksha that depicts one much or the face. It mainly represents Shiva. It’s quite rare. An individual is fortunate as well as blessed who’s got this. It’s also believed that the person who worships one Mukh Rudraksha each day all the wishes they have come true. It’s one of the most pious gifts of nature. It also connects linkage between the heaven and the earth. It helps in preventing migraine. People wore rudraksha for the purpose of meditation. Rudraksha offers tranquillity and also increases the power to concentrate. People believe that the One Mukh Rudraksha is quite beneficial for people who have pieces of the zodiac sign. After wearing the rudraksha, the wearer gets a number of health benefits, positive attitude for life, attains prosperity as well as wealth. There are 4 main variations in colours that is red, white, black and yellow.

The right way to wear Ek Mukh Rudraksha

Wake up in the morning on a Monday and bathe and out on neat and clean clothes. Clean the place of worship and take the copper vessel and keep Gangajal in the vessel ad wash it thoroughly.

Mantras for wearing Ek Mukh Rudraksha

Mantra as per Padampurana:- “Om Om Drisham Manah

Mantra as per Skandpurana:- “Om Em Namah”

Mantra as per Shivpurana:- “Om Hreem Namah”

Mantra a per Yogsara: – “Om Om Brasham Namah”

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