Kemdrum Dosh Remedies

Remedies of Kemadruma Dosha Yoga
March 05, 2021

Kemdrum Dosh Remedies

Kemdrum Yoga, an important yoga is formed through Moon. As per Varahmihir, it’s formed once the house which is at the back and in the front of Moon is vacant. In simple words, the 2nd and the 12th house from Moon need to be vacant for the Yoga to be formed. The yoga isn’t as inauspicious as it’s considered by astrologers of modern times. An individual shouldn’t be scared of the Yoga as it doesn’t give inauspicious results always. It even gives power to an individual for facing all types of struggles of life so that it is possible to be successful.

Moon is Karak planet for mind as per astrology. It’s generally seen that vacant mind is like a devil’s workshop and it keeps thinking about all the useless things and it also makes an individual restless. Kemdrum yoga gives similar kind of results.

How does the Kemdrum Yoga Form?

The Kemdrum Yoga forms when the 2nd and the 12th house from Moon are not occupied. It’s even formed when Moon isn’t expected by auspicious planet or isn’t an association with the auspicious planet. Ketu and Rahu aren’t assessed as people talk about the Kemdrum dosha.

An individual who is born in the yoga strugglesat least once in the entire lifetime. The individual might not even be illiterate, moron or a poor man. It’s even believed that an individual who is born in the Kemdrum Yoga is not able to cherish the married life and kids. This kind of an individual generally keeps away from his home. He’s capable of providing happiness to all his loved ones and his family members. This person talks unnecessarily.

Inauspicious and Auspicious Results of the Kemdrum Yoga

As already mentioned, an individual born in the yoga faces a lot of troubles as well as poverty. He might have to even face a lot of problems in his profession. The mind of the person is generally not happy as well as restless. The individual is generally dependent for things on other people. This person has a good and long life. However, he faces a lot of issues with his life partner and also with his kids.

There’s also a misconception regarding the Kemdrum Yoga. It is said that it offers an individual a troubled relationship as well as life. Thus, a lot of astrologers consider that this Yoga is inauspicious. The notion isn’t true at all. People who are born in this yoga are quite successful in their professional life. They even get a lot of appreciation as well as respect in whatever they do.

Generally, the modern day astrologer in India just talk regarding inauspicious effects of the yoga. But, when they start talking regarding the auspicious ones also, people will be able to understand that because of certain yogas and their presence, the Kemdrum yoga gets converted to Raj Yoga. Thus, while checking the kundali of an individual, it’s important to know about these yogas which converts the Kemdrum Yoga.

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