Who Is My Life Partner According To Astrology?

who is my life partner by astrology
September 28, 2021

Who Is My Life Partner According To Astrology?

You run into your dream partner on your way to work one lovely morning! When your eyes meet, love ignites! You listened to the podcast on How To Identify Your Soulmate last night, and today you meet him/her in person!

How enchanted and imagined does it sound? We all fantasise about our soulmates, but it is difficult to identify our twin flame! Despite this, we have tools to unearth our partner’s details. A marriage horoscope is an ancient technique that depicts your partner!

How Can Astrology Assist You In Finding The Right Life Partner?

A horoscope is a process of decoding these impacts. An astrologer does it by mapping the position of each planet at the moment of our birth. Astrologers can glimpse into the future and predict every element of your life. It’s amazing how accurate your horoscope can be concerning your marriage. They consult the marital horoscope for this.

Life Partner Predictions from Kundali

Life Partner Predictions from Kundali

Venus is widely regarded as the planet of love, beauty, art, and expression. Venus’s love gets more assertive with her. A healthy and profitable relationship is when your Venus is in the appropriate position and has a strong position in your horoscope.

The Moon’s Nodes

The Moon’s Nodes are an important component in Kundali matching. The prior life connection is depicted on this axis. It exemplifies the two’s friendship. It is how you can truly comprehend your soul partners.


How do you know whether you’re meant to be together? The Vertex is a less well-known point. It works in tandem with the descendent. When two charts have strong inter-aspects as well as the Vertex, this pairing is a match made in heaven.

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Sun & Moon Placements

When the Sun of one spouse aligns with the Moon of another partner in a Kundali, it signifies natural affinity between the two. Both are complementary to one another and have the potential to lead to a fulfilling living. Their energies and activities are typically complementary to one another.

Rahu Placement

With a favourable Rahu location, you may readily read another person’s mind. It provides good analytical abilities. Rahu also represents abrupt transformations. Suppose your Venus is in a powerful position and your Rahu is in a favourable position. In that case, you have a reasonable possibility of having a love marriage! Such a person is cheerful and practical.

Life Partner Prediction based on Date of Birth from Anil Bhargav

Anil Bhargav is a multi-faceted astrologer with extensive knowledge of Jyotish shastra. He is a well-known consultant, palmist, Vashikaran specialist, love problem solution astrologer, and horoscope expert.

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