Use these Mantra to bring back Love to your life even after breakup

Use these Mantra to bring back Love to your life even after breakup
March 15, 2024

Use these Mantra to bring back Love to your life even after breakup

It is not everyone’s destiny to have a true lover. At the same time, many times in life, one gets separated even after finding love. In such a situation, a person tries to get love in many ways. There are some remedies mentioned in the Tantra Shastra that can improve your luck in love and help you find love. Even after a breakup, people are trying to get their old love back. Let us know the ways to find love.

Rituals To get married

If you want to persuade your love partner to get married, then some solutions are mentioned in the Vashikaran Shastra. For this, take 108 garlic cloves, peel them, thread them on a red thread and make a garland. Then sit on the seat in a secluded place at night. Light an earthen lamp and while meditating on your love partner, chant the mantra ‘Vashnyam Kurum Bhavanti Swaha‘ with a garlic rosary. Chant this mantra at least 1 to 3 times.

Ritual to get old love back

If for some reason, your lover has gone away from you and you want to get him/her back, then this solution can help you. Keep in mind that these remedies should be started on Thursday, Saturday or Tuesday. Then do this daily until your partner returns. For this, make a garland of 108 garlic cloves in red thread. Then chant the mantra ‘Vashanya Kurum Bhavanti Swaha’ daily with this rosary. As soon as you take these measures, your partner will get attracted to you.

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Pray to Lakshmi Narayan

If you have not been able to find true love, then start this remedy on Thursday of Shukla Paksha of any month. Thursday is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Mother Lakshmi. Marital happiness is achieved with the blessings of Lord Vishnu. For this, worship Lord Vishnu and Mother Lakshmi every Thursday and chant at least one rosary of the mantra ‘Om Lakshmi Narayan Namah‘. Do this remedy for at least 3 months.


We are sure you would be able to bring back your love using these remedies, but it is always better to seek professional help, as doing tantra on your own can have negative results if you’re not well versed with these rituals. You can seek Anil Astrologers help in such a case.

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