Tips to appease Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, this Diwali

Tips to appease Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, this Diwali
October 22, 2023

Tips to appease Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, this Diwali

Having money is essential, and it always will be. These days, we can’t get by without it to enjoy life’s hedonistic luxuries. In India, we ask and hope that goddess Lakshmi will continue to shower us with her abundance. When money is tight, it can throw off an otherwise happy life. Goddess Lakhmi bestows upon her worshippers not just financial wealth but also physical and mental well-being and the power to do good.

If you want to go ahead financially, there’s no better time than Diwali to make some changes.

This Diwali, make sure you burn your lamps at these six locations to attract wealth and appease goddess Lakshmi

Deepawali, the festival of lights, is the best time to welcome goddess Lakshmi into one’s home. In addition, Maa Lakshmi showers her devotees with riches, joy, and success. The goddess Lakshmi is honored at the Diwali celebration, as described in the holy texts. To win her favor, many people illuminate their homes with lamps.

  • On the evening of Diwali, the first lamp should be lit on the Peepal tree, as it is the dwelling place of all the gods and goddesses. Those who light the first lamp at this site are promised to be blessed with the presence of Goddess Lakshmi (in the forms of fortune, wealth, and success).
  • On Diwali, a lamp must be lit in each home’s shrine. Doing so will keep you in the good graces of Goddess Lakshmi all year, ensuring that you never run out of cash.
  • On the evening of Diwali, it is believed that the goddess Lakshmi enters homes through the front door. This Diwali, instead of just one lamp by the front door, light two.
  • The heart and soul of the home are in the inside courtyard. It is said that on Diwali night, Mata Lakshmi will come to visit through the courtyard next to the door. Given this, it is appropriate to illuminate the courtyard with a lamp.
  • When you burn candles and lanterns on Diwali night, you invite prosperity into your household. In addition, it serves as a safeguard against the intrusion of malevolent spirits.
  • Wherever you put your cash, be sure to keep it well-lit. This raises the level of divine energy all around, which in turn brings in more money.

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Lakshmi Puja Vastu Tips for Financial Prosperity This Diwali

  • Set aside a special place for prayer or meditation. According to Vastu, the best puja room will have a certain layout determined in advance that takes into account the 16 Vastu zones. However, the west and east-northeast are the most auspicious orientations for the Puja chamber.
  • Absolute commitment is required, rather than strict adherence to any particular Puja space design guidelines. However, clearing away clutter and dirt is the first step in letting good vibes in.
  • If you want good fortune and wealth in your home during Lakshmi Diwali Pujan, draw Swastik and Om symbols on the north and east walls instead of the Rangoli.
  • Create a rangoli pattern at or around the front door to formally welcome the goddess of wealth and prosperity. It’s also helpful to place lit diyas in any unlit areas of the home, such as the bathroom, kitchen, or stairwell.


Diwali is a festival of lights and fortunes. We hope that these tips will make your wishes come true. Happy diwali.

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