Date, Time, and Puja Ritual & Meaning for Vijayadashami in 2023

Date, Time, and Puja Ritual & Meaning for Vijayadashami in 2023
September 25, 2023

Date, Time, and Puja Ritual & Meaning for Vijayadashami in 2023

Time and date for Vijayadashami

Like every year, India will celebrate VIJAYADASAMI in 2023 with great fervor. Vijayadashami, commonly referred to as DUSSEHRA, is a well-known and important Hindu festival that is observed not only in India but also in many other countries throughout the world. The nine days leading up to the main celebration are also joyfully observed as Navratri. The tenth day of Shukla paksha, or the month of Ashwin, is the day on which Vijayadashami is observed. It signifies the conclusion of Navratri and the triumph of good over evil. Anil Astrologer brings the Date, Time, and Puja Ritual & Meaning for Vijayadashami in 2023.

Significance of Vijayadasami

Vijaya Dashami is significant because it not only celebrates the idea that good always triumphs over evil but also serves as a reminder that humility is the most valuable quality in people.

The phrases “Vijaya” and “Dashami,” both of which allude to the tenth day, and “Vijaya,” which means triumph, are combined to form the name “Vijayadashami.” The “tenth day of victory” is a common nickname for Vijayadashami as a result. It is deeply symbolic of the truth that good always triumphs over evil and that those who follow the path of Adharma are those who are doing right.

In some areas, it also commemorates the victory of the goddess Durga over the demonic Mahishasura. In various regions of India, particularly West Bengal, it is observed as “Durga puja” after Navratri. Vijayadashami, also known as Dussehra, is often observed with tremendous enthusiasm and excitement around the world and is marked by a variety of rituals, customs, and cultural activities.

It is also marked as the victory of Shri Ram over Ravana, who was a very intelligent man, but he allowed haughtiness and vanity to overcome his fine qualities, which led to his downfall. It is a celebration of the ongoing struggle to keep a man’s bad side from controlling him on an emotional and mental level.

Vijayadashami also marks the start of the Indian holiday season, which is a sign that good things are on the horizon for everyone.

Spiritual Significance of Vijayadashami

The spiritual advantages that people receive from Vijay Dashami are what give it its significance. It provides an opportunity for people to consider moral and ethical principles. On this day, Goddess Saraswati is also worshipped in several areas of the nation in order to obtain her blessings for intelligence and knowledge. It is also a significant holiday in terms of culture since it marks the triumph of Lord Rama and the start of the golden age when he returned to Ayodhya after a lengthy 14 years.

Vijayadashami and Ramleela

Ramleela, where kids and some adults perform the tale of this epic event, is a significant aspect of this festivity. As a representation of the triumph of good over evil, the effigy of Ravan, along with his brother Kumbhkaran, son Meghnath, and other family members, is burned. Cultural performances, fireworks, and lighting are used to celebrate it.

The Story of Vijayadashami

The Ramayana epic makes mention of the Vijaya Dashami narrative. It tells the tale of one of history’s most famous conflicts, in which good triumphed over evil to bring about the universe’s equilibrium. Because of a commitment he made to his father, Lord Rama was exiled in the bush for 14 years when the story opens with Sita being kidnapped. When Lord Rama’s heart broke, he made the decision to retrieve his bride from the demon king Ravana. His wife was asked to be released, but Ravan obstinately refused. God was forced to start a battle with Lanka King Ravana because there was nothing else to do.

The most devoted follower of Lord Ram, Lord Hanuman, led a bunch of monkeys into the formation of an army. Lord Rama traveled across the ocean with the aid of Hanuman and his army to Lanka, the site of the decisive conflict. After ten days of intense combat, Lord Rama eventually overcame Ravana, saved Sita, and was reunited with her true love. Even today, Vijaya Dashami is observed to commemorate this heavenly victory over evil.

Special puja Ritual for Vijayadashami

The pujas performed on the occasion of Vijaya Dashami are Aparajita Puja and Seema Avalanghan. To carry out these rites successfully, you might seek advice from seasoned astrologers. For real and authentic services, there is an alternative to getting in touch with skilled astrologers through Anytime Astro. In order to get the most out of the rituals and pujas performed, they can offer you individualized counsel. You can change your life with their professional guidance by making Vijayadashami 2023 a watershed moment.

Vijaydashami Puja Ritual Date and Time 2023

Tuesday, October 24, 2023, is the day when Vijayadashami will be observed. The puja will be done in the late evening with the burning of the effigy of Ravana at the place where the Ramleela is performed.


Vijayadashami As has been happening for decades, 2023 will be a big event filled with happiness and excitement. It is not only a very significant festival from a cultural perspective because it commemorates the epic tale of Lord Rama keeping his word, inspiring us to uphold moral principles, and destroying evil to restore the balance of the cosmos. It also serves as a symbol of the start of the festivities, a celebration of their fidelity, and even a renewal of their commitment to the way of life that Lord Ram taught them. Contact Anil Astrologer to learn more about Vijayadashami puja and muhurat for Deepawali puja.

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