What is Birth Astrology?

What is Birth Astrology
May 09, 2019

What is Birth Astrology?

Birth astrology has an age-old tradition in India. As a newborn arrives in the world, family consults an expert astrologer. The precise time and date of birth is noted and informed to the astrologer. Birth astrology is a specialized segment of astrology that deals with birth chart.

The birth chart is also popularly known as Janam kundali. An astrologer prepares the birth chart on the basis of birth date and time. This also determines the zodiac sign of the person. The birth astrology depicts the main characteristics of the person an overview of his future life. Further, this post discusses some of the major aspects of the birth astrology.

Astrology Birth Chart

The birth chart is also known as horoscope by date of birth or kundali. An astrologer studies the positions of the planets at the time of the birth. The same positions are graphed in the birth chart. The birth chart helps in knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the person. The main traits of the personality are depicted on the basis of the chart.

The birth astrology chart is also further used for relationship compatibility tests. This is known as kundali Milan. Before the marriage, Hindu religion has a tradition of matching birth charts of the proposed boy and girl. Kundali matching predicts how fruitful the relation will be.

Birth Star Sign

Popularly known as Rashi or zodiac sign, birth star signs are yet another important factor of birth astrology. An astrologer declares the birth star sign on the basis of the janam kundali or date and time of the birth. Zodiac signs are the best tools to know general predictions and personality traits.

Natal charts help astrologers to predict and provide solutions for various life problems. Jyotish Shastra uses birth date and time to tell information about any person. Birthday astrology deals specifically with making, reading, and matching birth charts.

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