Why Do We Forgot Our Previous Birth

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March 22, 2021

Why Do We Forgot Our Previous Birth

The repetitive investigation about our previous lives could be likened for thorough exploration of facets of diamonds. Every aspect comprises some flaws as well as imperfections, shines brilliantly, some part of whole yet individual in the expression of light which passes across it.

One question which is frequently asked is when we’re supposed to keep some memories that are available for us, why do people forget about the past lives. Some experts also use the questions as a basis to consider the exploration of the previous lives as a taboo. On the contrary, the info about the journey of our soul isn’t just the innate right of an individual but it is also important for our growth as well as self awareness. We experience every moment of this journey. It’s the record of the lives of people. Why would the knowledge get forbidden?

There are 3 main causes for amnesia which concerns the previous lives

Distractions of life

Kids might remember a lot of things about their previous lives when they’re young. Still, imagine for the moment what the experiences are. 

While the child is in mothers womb, he or she might be fully aware of their previous lives, the purpose of their lives as well as the reasons for entering the given life. Then they are born and the moment of taking birth is very stressful and it could also be life threatening at times for the child as well as the mother. Once the child emerges from mothers womb, theirs an adjustment period including cold air, light, drinking mothers milk, and different people handling the baby.

From that point, the child might have to get along with mean and healous siblings, loving grandparents as well as the struggle of getting their thoughts, needs and desires communicated in the world where inhabitants aren’t telepathic and not sensitive also.

Fast forward with the help of learning to handle the body, sitting, grabbing, walking, standing, etc and after some years forming first words which are coherent for the caretakers. By that time, most of the knowledge about the previous birth is locked inside the mind of the child.

Societal norms

Finally, around age of 4, the child might be able to communicate whatever remains in their memories for a lifetime altogether. The words could be ignored or even the child could be patronized having known the stories about fantasy and also that it needs to run and play.

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