Free Sagittarius Zodiac Sign Horoscope 2021

Free Sagittarius Horoscope
  • Ruling Planet: Jupiter
  • Represented by: Archer
  • Lucky Colour: Blue
  • Lucky Number: 3
  • Characteristics: Visionary

The Sagittarius sun sign explores the entire astrological system. The people representing Sagittarius sun sign are always searching for wisdom and knowledge. They are also blessed with clarity as well as intelligence which helps them in taking the right decisions. They are quite positive as well as optimistic in the outlook they have towards life.

The characteristics of Sagittarius include a joyful and a very happy personality. They are always looking at the glass to be half full and not half empty. People can’t be unhappy or depressed around these people. They are always looking for something positive even in the worst of circumstances. Their enthusiasm and energy makes them devoted and great friends.

The horoscope of Sagittarians predicts that their organisational abilities are wonderful. It makes them very important for every project that they participate in. They are muti-talented as well as versatile. They are always ready for challenges and they are also quite adventurous and they work without any fears in mind. However, they generally don’t brood over the issues of the past. Instead they look forward and ahead.

The Sagittarius sun sign comprises of upbeat and most confident people. They are frank, open, happy go lucky and pleasant people. They are also intellectual at times and they can easily bond with anyone. They are also philosophical as well as articulate. They like reading and seeking knowledge in different forms.

They are known to be righteous. They follow principles and generally don’t keep any grudges against anyone. They are wiser and they can also converse on a range of topics.

The 9th sun sign, has Jupiter as its ruling planet. Orange or deep yellow are considered to be auspicious for the Sagittarians. Also, green and cream shades are lucky for Sagittarians. Blue is considered to be unfavourable for Sagittarians.

This sun sign does not face shortage of money ever. They can easily get into gambling or wastage of money which is hard earned. They are generally very calm people. However they are also capable of losing their temper easily and sometimes on some of the most stupid reasons. As it is said, excess of anything is not good. It holds true for this sun sign as well. They could become fanatic if obsessed with certain ideals or beliefs. They are quite capable and efficient in the work they do and they also expect this from others as well. When they realise that others are falling behind or lacking something, they could become impatient as well as irritated.

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