The important Yantras in astrology and how to install them

The important Yantras in astrology and how to install them
December 22, 2022

The important Yantras in astrology and how to install them

If you’re curious about astrology and spiritual practices, you’ve probably heard the term ‘yantra’ come up in conversation. Yantras are symbols of energy that represent the divine forces that shape our lives and have been used by many cultures throughout history.

This post will explain what yantras are, how they work and provide some tips on correctly installing them for maximum benefit. By understanding why these powerful symbols are so important to practicing astrologers, you can use them to amplify your life force and draw beneficial energies into your orbit.

Uncover the essential yantras of astrology to empower your own journey

Yantras are symbols that represent the energy of the planets, deities, and other cosmic forces found within astrology. These symbols act as an interface between the spiritual realm and our physical reality, allowing us to access the divine power that exists all around us. Each yantra has its own unique geometry and design, each with a specific purpose or intent. Some of the most important yantras in astrology are:

Profit-increasing yantra

This yantra is used to attract wealth, abundance, and prosperity into your lives.

Maha Mrityunjaya yantra

This powerful symbol helps to protect its user from negative forces and illness. It can also be used to help heal mental, emotional, and physical ailments.

Laxmi Yantra

This yantra is used to attract wealth, success, and good luck into your life.

Kubera Yantra

This yantra is specifically used for business success, financial stability, and money-making opportunities.

Saraswati Yantra

This yantra helps to bring knowledge, wisdom, creativity, and artistic abilities into the lives of its user.

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Once you have selected the yantras that are most appropriate for your needs, it is important to install them in a way that maximizes their power and benefit. Here are some tips on correctly installing yantras:

  • Choose an auspicious day and time to install the yantra. This is usually the day of a new moon or full moon, as these days are believed to carry more spiritual energy which could benefit your yantra installation.
  • Place the yantra in an area that will receive maximum sunlight and ventilation. It should be placed on an altar or table with enough space around it for healthy energy circulation.
  • Cleanse the area with either incense or a smoke ceremony to rid of any negative energies that may be present within the space.
  • Perform an energy-activation ritual such as chanting mantras, offering prayers, and visualizing your intentions for the yantra’s purpose into its symbol.
  • Honor and thank the divine energies that are now present in your space and continue to cultivate a relationship with them by regularly performing rituals, meditation, or offering prayers.

By implementing these tips into your yantra installation process, you can reap the maximum benefit of their powerful metaphysical influence. Yantras can be incredibly powerful tools when used correctly, so understanding their importance of them in astrology is essential. If you are looking to bring more positive energies into your life and manifest your goals, integrating yantras into your spiritual practice might be the answer.

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