Shubh Muhurat 2023 for Opening a New Business

Shubh Muhurat 2023 for opening a new business
December 13, 2022

Shubh Muhurat 2023 for Opening a New Business

Are you looking to open a new business in 2023? If so, it’s essential that you consider the significance of auspicious timings for muhurat and puja. Astrological calculations are deeply entrenched in Indian culture and tradition, giving many people peace of mind by knowing that their undertakings will be blessed with success.

This article will explore everything you need to know about Shubh Muhurats in 2023 – from the general guidelines for selecting an optimal time frame to specific dates suited for inauguration ceremonies! Gain insight into these age-old customs as we delve into all aspects related to choosing an auspicious day.

What benefits does utilizing Shubh Muhurat for your business bring?

The benefits of utilizing Shubh Muhurat for your business include not only the spiritual blessings bestowed upon you but also the potential for greater success. Because each muhurat is associated with a particular planetary alignment, it allows you to conduct activities in accordance with nature’s forces and gain maximum benefit from them. In addition to this, some muhurats are especially auspicious and can bring good luck and prosperity to your new venture.

What principles should you follow when selecting a Shubh Muhurat?

When selecting a Shubh Muhurat for your business inauguration ceremony or puja, there are several general principles that you should follow. First, you must select an auspicious day that closely aligns with the type of business activity you plan to undertake. Certain muhurats are more advantageous for specific activities than others. Second, it’s important to consider the overall position of planets and stars in relation to your date selection. Lastly, you should also make sure that the time of day falls within a favorable time frame for the muhurat in question.

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What is some important Shubh Muhurats to look out for in 2023?

In 2023, there are several noteworthy Shubh Muhurats that may be particularly beneficial for your new business.

Shubh Muhurat in January 2023

January 1, 202304:47 to 07:00 PM
January 2, 202308:00 to 08:40 AM
January 9, 202308:11 to 12:40 PM
January 30, 202311:23 to12:58 PM

Shubh Muhurat in February 2023

February 13, 202307:35 to 09:00 AM
February 26, 202307:20 to 01:00 PM

Shubh Muhurat in March 2023

March 12, 202308:40 to 12:10 PM

Shubh Muhurat 2023 in April 2023

April 3, 202310:40 to 01:00 PM
April 21, 20239:30 to 02:15 PM
April 22, 202307:35 to 02:10 PM

Shubh Muhurat 2023 in May

May 1, 202308:55 to 11:00 AM
May 6, 202306:45 to 10:50 AM
May 15, 202306:05 to 10:18 AM

2023 Shubh Muhurat in June

June 02, 202307:20 to 01:15 AM
June 15, 202310:35 to 12:51 PM
June 16, 202308:09 to 10:35 PM
June 25, 202307:35 to 12:15 PM

2023 Shubh Muhurat in July

July 13, 202306:35 to 01:15 PM

2023 Shubh Muhurat in August

August 18, 202307:20 to 01:16 PM
August 23, 202310:36 to 12:55 PM
August 27, 202310:30 to 12:42 PM

Shubh Muhurat 2023 in September

September 01, 202307:45 to 12:25 PM
September 06, 202307:25 to 09:40 PM
September 20, 202306:40 to 01:25 PM

Shubh Muhurat in October 2023

October 21, 202306:56 to 01:26 PM
October 30, 202307:02 to12:56 PM

Shubh Muhurat in November 2023

November 08, 202310:10 to12:10 PM

2023 Shubh Muhurat in December

December 14, 202311:35 to 01:04 PM
December 15, 202307:35 to 09:14 AM
December 24, 202307:42 to 10:54 AM


If you are looking to open a new business in the near future, make sure to do it during Shubh Muhurat 2023. To get started, contact Anil Astrologer for more information about the best time to start your venture. With his help, you can ensure that everything goes according to plan and that you have the best chance for success.

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