Learn Business Astrology

How Can Business Astrology Help
June 18, 2021

Learn Business Astrology

Everyone has set particular dreams, and to achieve them, we have brilliant business ideas. Starting a business has many advantages, like you are your boss. Hence you can create your own working space accordingly. However, there is a lot of risk investment. A business primarily depends on the principle of demand and supply. If there is no demand, then we go through losses. Such are the problems one faces and want to get out of it or rather have a smooth business life.

How Can Business Astrology Help?

For ages, Vedic Astrology has been providing remedies to business problems, personal finance, career options, and so on. On the other hand, business astrology gives a deep and advanced insight into our future and provides stunning solutions to mould the path of destiny in one’s favour. 

Furthermore, we can also understand how various stars and planets influence an individual’s business and how we can benefit the company in the market industry. For instance, you can predict the relationship with a business partner by looking at the seventh house in the horoscope. However, if you do not have a proper settlement with the partner, you should not proceed in a partnership business.

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Impact of Houses on Business

Mainly the second, seventh and eleventh houses have a great impact on a business. Remember that the presence of fifth, eighth and twelfth houses together represent severe losses in the industry. Let us understand more about them now. 

2nd house

The second house stands for the money or wealth in one’s life. Money is one of the most crucial components of any business. In the second house, Rahu-Ketu and Shani represent that the person’s financial status is not good. It also means that the person in the future will experience some financial inconvenience regarding the business. 

Remember that Jupiter influences the individual’s finances while mercury affects business. Hence, if you have a strong position on these two planets in the second house, your business will succeed.

7th house

The seventh house plays a significant role in business. The presence of Saturn represents that you will have some payment delays in your industry. The effects of Saturns are powerful; hence one should take proper astrological measures to reduce its ill effects and take advantage of the good effects.

11th house

The eleventh house represents the effect of the business in the person’s life. It also helps to understand relations in the businesses. For instance, with better corporate relations, you can expand and get support for your business.


Other than houses and planetary influence, the Kaal Sharp Dosh hurts business and finance. Consult Anil Astrologer and seek remedies that might reduce the adverse effects of the planets. 

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