Importance of Astrology in the field of Education

Importance of Astrology in Education
June 23, 2021

Importance of Astrology in the field of Education

Astrology in Education – Nowadays, everyone wants to receive a high degree of education. All parents and guardians try their best to ensure that their children get the best. In the olden days, education involved studies of medicine, combat, science and so on. They also focused majorly on astrology studies. 

With the assistance of celestial fortune, one can predict the field they would be most successful in. According to Vedic astrology, education is greatly influenced by the horoscope’s second, fourth, and fifth house. Now let us understand how the presence of these houses reflects on one’s education.

Influence of 2nd house

The second house, also known as Kutumb Bhava, represents the child’s education from their family. Upto the age of five, the family’s environment plays a vital role in the child’s behavior and attitude. This house displays the family environment of a person. 

The primary role of the second house is to represent the initial education of the child. If you do not have a formal education as a child, you can be successful in life with the help of this house.

Influence of 4th house

The fourth house is also known as Bandhu Bhava and Sukh Bhawa. After primary education, the standard of school education is understood with the help of this house. Astrologers can foretell the child’s degree of education based on the fourth house. This house assists in building the foundation of education. One’s future livelihood depends on this house significantly.

Influence of 5th house

The fifth house is one of the most vital houses concerning education. It helps in selecting the right subject for livelihood. For instance, the fifth house helps to show the required education for attaining a particular job or business.

Mercury, the planet of knowledge, skill and education, is the karaka of intelligence and guru, Jupiter, the planet of wisdom and mathematics. With the promising position of these two planets, the children will be good at studies and calculation.

However, if these two planets are related to Trikon Bhava, then the child will attain further education. Even the placement of Panchamesh plays an important role.


One does not get a reasonable degree of education just because the planetary placement is good. The horoscope also is greatly influenced by the inauspicious houses and other weak or afflicted planets.

For education, it is vital to keep Navamsha Kundali and the Chatur vivansha Kundali in mind. By observing the placement of the fifth horoscope in Kundalis, you can analyze the level of education one can receive. Ensure you consult Astrologer Anil Bhargava for help or remedies in regards to a educational problem

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