Origin of the Vedic Astrology

Origin of the Vedic astrology
March 19, 2021

Origin of the Vedic Astrology

Rooted deep in Vedas, the ancient knowledge system of India is mainly based on belief that planets and the stars have a strong influence on the lives of people. As per teachings of Hindus, life is all about spiritual growth. This growth is mainly facilitated by our Karma, a concept that each action and thought has some corresponding reaction. According to Vedas, the karma of a person is related directly to position of the stars and the planets. Therefore, vedic astrology is a method to understand the karma of an individual by assessing such positions.

Originally called Jyotish or Science of Light, the Vedic astrology is mainly considered to be eye of Vedas as it’s supposed to offer guidance to people who are lost or who feel confused during the journey of their life.

Also called the Science of Fate, astrology is mainly used for understanding different aspects of one’s life including success of some endeavour such as marriage, career, moving to a new house, or a new business. Previously, it was used as a way to predict the results of battle or some specific governmental decision. Resultantly, the rulers often use astrologers for providing them insights as to how best run the kingdoms.

West astrology vs. East astrology

Firstly, it needs to be known that the section of Daily horoscope is generally found online or in the newspapers which does not have anything to do with the Vedic astrology.

These sections not just adhere to the interpretations of the Western Astrology which are not like Vedic system they even pay attention towards small aspect of practice, thereby giving general and vague predictions.

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The main difference between the Western and the Vedic astrologers comes to the way they view constellations. Looking from Earth, sun and the other planets trace the path along sky, moving in opposition of the constellations of the backdrop or the pattern of stars that make different types of astro signs such as Pisces, Taurus, etc. When sun or some specific planets moves towards some specific star, it’s the astrological sign that these stars represent.

Therefore, the path of eclipse that the planets take while passing in front of 12 signs of astro physics is zodiac.

How do planets affect us?

As described by Vedas, everything and everyone is controlled by time. By this influence, people are inevitably pulled through different stages of their existence before they die or are pushed to their next life.

As per the modern day science, space and time are all interconnected for creating the fabric wherein we exist known to be space time. The larger objects like planets affect the fabric and influence everything that is there around them.

Destiny versus free will

Our future can be defined by 2 things as per the Vedas i.e. free will and our destiny. Destiny relates to different situations that we face in life and free will relates to the way we react to these situations and the way we handle them.

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