Astrology Tips for Success in the Share Market

Astrology Tips for success in the share market
June 16, 2021

Astrology Tips for Success in the Share Market

Astrology affects every area of human life and also the future of an industry. Did you know that astrology also has an impact on the stock market? Whenever you invest in the Indian share market, you can predict where you will win or lose. With astrology, we can also know which areas of investment will be profitable.

What to focus on?

In astrology, you need to pay attention to the appearance of houses in the horoscope. One should give a lot of attention to the presence of the fifth and eleventh house. If there is no effect of any adverse planet, then your invested shares will be profitable. 

There should be an interconnection between the fifth, eleventh and money house. Even the combination of the fifth, eleventh or owners of the twelfth house can lead to profits.

Effect of Buddha Bhava and Rahu

The Buddha planet plays a crucial role in commission, business and share market. Therefore, you can become a good advisor in the stocks if your Buddha planet is well off.

Rahu in the fifth house is beneficial and will provide you with some profit. 

Planetary positions which are harmful

One should try avoiding investing if Rahu is in the second house. The combination of Sun and Rahu, Rahu and Jupiter or Moon is harmful to you. Rahu is the centre of success in the stock market, but it is only possible after some bad beginning investments.

If the planets’ position in your horoscope is not good, then you can collect the energy of the planets in the right direction with the assistance of Ratna Shastra or Mantra Shastra. 

Astrological Remedies

If your planetary position is not in your favour, then implement some of these astrological remedies to be profitable.

  • Perform Rahu Mantra daily. In this, you need to chant, ‘Om Raan Rahave Namah‘, every morning and evening.
  • Start wearing a silver star around your neck.
  • Every Wednesday and Friday, feed a small piece of flour to the fishes.


Astrology does play an essential role in the success and downfall of someone’s life, company, etc. There are many ways to eliminate the adverse effects of the planets and attract position effects. Remember to do your research correctly or consult Astrologer Anil Bhargava.

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