Top 10 Vastu Tips for Your New Home

Top 10 Vastu Tips for New Home
May 28, 2021

Top 10 Vastu Tips for Your New Home

Vastu Tips for New Home: Everyone wishes to keep their home away and safe from negative energy, as it might affect their family’s well-being. This is one reason why many people trust Vastu Shastra and plan the design and layout of their houses according to the ancient Indian architecture system. But most of us presently prefer ready-to-move-in places. If you still want to ensure a positive home environment,

Here are 10 Vastu Tps for New Home you can follow

1. The Entrance

A Vastu-approved entrance door should face the north, east, or northeast direction. The door, preferably made of wood, painted black, bearing a nameplate, and well lit, must open in a clockwise direction into the house. This will secure the positive energy inside your home.

2. The Living Room

Your living room must face north, northeast, east, or northwest. It should have space at the centre, with televisions and other electronics occupying the southeast part of the room. Paint your living room walls in soothing tones of white, beige, cream, or light pink.

3. The Kitchen

Since cooking is associated with fire and the fire God- Agni resides in the southeast direction, your kitchen must also face the same way. Keep all your kitchen appliances in the southeast and the grocery basket in the kitchen’s southwest section.

4. The Bedroom

Bedrooms should be situated in the southwest section of the house. Bedroom walls need to be of light and pleasant colours. Keep the wardrobe close to the southwest wall. Decorating your bedroom with fresh flowers is highly recommended.

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5. The Balcony

Learned astrologers advise situating the balcony at the north, northeast, or eastern part of the house. It should be rectangular or square, preferably with a water fountain placed in the northeast direction. Wind chimes hung in the balcony brings good luck!

6. Decor For Good Luck

Quite a few items, when placed strategically, promote positivity and luck, so decorate your home accordingly. Invest in a bamboo plant and get a Buddha statue. Objects like horseshoe and the Swastik symbol are also known to usher good luck and positivity.

7. Drive Out Negativity

Objects like plants with thorns, broken clocks, old calendars, and war-centric pictures exude a sense of negativity that is not good for your home. You should also avoid statues of wild animals.

8. The House Shape

Your home should have a narrow entrance and a broader back. It is known as the Gaumukhi shape, and it is most suitable for housing purposes. Moreover, you should avoid extended corners.

9. Colour Scheme

It is well known that every colour has a distinctive characteristic- we associate white with purity, green with jealousy, red with passion, blue with tranquillity, etc. So plan the colour scheme of each room depending on the purpose of the space.

10. The Griha Pravesh

Before finally moving into a house, it is advisable to perform sanctifying rituals- known as Grihapravesh, on an auspicious day. It helps in ruling out negativity from the space and ushering in positive energy.

With these easy-to-follow Vastu Tips for New Home, your home and family will be out of negativity’s way!

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