Is Kundli Matching Necessary for Marriage?

Kundli Matching Necessary for Marriage
March 25, 2020

Is Kundli Matching Necessary for Marriage?

In India, the marriage season is at its peak after the auspicious Vivah of Tulsi that took place in Hinduism. It is definitely a heavenly feeling for two people when they come forward in order to tie the auspicious knot of marriage. The marriage that happens is not only the based upon the bond of the bride and the groom but also the two families come close together. In anyone’s life this moment is a very special one and one of the most awaited one as well. Thus it is advised that the rituals should be analyzed properly before finalising a marriage.

The kundali matching or the kundali Milan is necessary for marriage happening from the Indian background and it plays a vital role in the marriage ceremony as well. In order to check the compatibility of the two people there are 36 gunas that needs to match as per astrology. According to astrologers there are also other factors that need to be looked upon; it can be the analyzing of the birth charts of the boy and the girl based on Dasha period. In order to do so, if there are certain malefic planets in one’s horoscope then they can take the help of astrology for remedial solutions.

How much kundli matching is important?

  • In Indian societies, the kundli milan is necessary for marriage as the families have certain beliefs regarding the position of stars and planets. In case of arrange marriages it sometime turns out to be good as both the person gets to know each other on some grounds at least. Compatibility in marriage is mainly seen through this kundali matching.
  • The marriage between two people in the hindu society is said to be very sacred and thus as per the hindu beliefs and culture the couple is said to live together for the next seven lives as well. Thus one gets to know how much kundli matching is important before any marriage.
  • It has been proved that the planetary positions have a great influence on the luck of their partners and if the entire signs match then the couple can have a blissful roller coaster ride of life. This kundali matching also provides an advance understanding of the other person’s mind and one must take the right decision before marriage.

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How Kundali plays a Vital Role?

  • The relationship quotient between the boy and the girl lies very much on the kundali and the role that it plays. The detailed study of the type of impact that both the girl and boy will have on each other’s life is done properly by an astrologer. This study helps them to solve certain problems coming out after the kundali matching.
  • In total there are 36 gunas in a kundali; the higher number of matches results in the higher chance of a happy marriage. In astrology it is said that the minimum number of gunas that needs to be matched is at least 18. Thus one should definitely consult to an astrologer in Ahmedabad why kundli matching is important before the marriage.


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