What kinds of Gunas Milan for Marriage?

What kinds of Gunas Milan for Marriage by Kundli
March 06, 2020

What kinds of Gunas Milan for Marriage?

It has been witnessed over the years that the Hindus have been relying on Vedic astrology and they take advice from astrologers regarding any aspect of their lives. Astrologers can say the future of an individual by looking at their horoscope and thus during a marriage it is better to take a quick look at the stars and birth charts. This process is mainly known as gun milan for marriage and this helps in taking informed decisions to avoid disasters in married life. It is better to ask an expert astrologer as they will be able to predict the compatibility of the couple as well.

In case of kundali matching, there are 36 gunas that needs to be match and then only one can see feasible growth in their career, health and also love life. The gun milan by date of birth only can also be done and this helps an individual in choosing the right partner with the help of Vedic astrology. The minimum gunas that should be matching between the boy and the girl is approximately 18 in number; let us have a broad look about the gunas that are required for kundali matching. Some of the most essential ones are thoroughly discussed below.

How Many Gunas Should Match for a Successful Marriage?

  • In a literal sense, guna means attribute, property or nature. It is known that there are mainly eight types of gunas that are found in the Vedic astrology and the main eight types needs to be compared between the bride and groom before finalising the marriage. These are basically one sort of compatibility tests between the couple and on most occasions the couple does well to overcome all these rituals.
  • The origin of these gunas came from the ancient times and mainly all of these gunas are based on the social norms regarding marriage in ancient society. In the new millennium this is still an important tool for knowing more about the compatibility of the couple. Thus it is evident that gunas should be matched for a successful marriage.
  • The main eight types of kundali Milan gunas are the Varna vichar, vashya vichar, tara vichar, yoni vichar and etc. According to the vedic astrology the varna vichar has divided the 12 signs in four different castes such as Brahman, kshatriya, vaishya and shudra. In all of these four castes there should be some basic similarities in the duties, culture and traditions.

Detailed Discussion on some Gunas Milan for Marriage:

  • There are basically five different categories in which 12 signs are equally divided and this happens in vashya vichar. The difference in power status is reflected very boldly through these five different categories. The power equation between the bride and the groom is indicated thoroughly with this compatibility test.
  • Tara vichar and yoni vichar are some other signs that need to be in the right positions for growth in the relationship of the couple. Longevity of the partners after marriage also depends on the tara vichar.

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