Shrapit Dosha (Shrapit Yoga) – Shrapit Dosha Cancellation Remedies

shrapit yoga cancellation
March 03, 2020

Shrapit Dosha (Shrapit Yoga) – Shrapit Dosha Cancellation Remedies

Also known by the name of Shrapit Yoga, a shrapit dosha signifies bad luck which is brought by some curse by a person during the previous lives. It also reflects in the horoscope of the individual with coming together of Rahu and Saturn in one single house. Also, it’s said that the aspect of the Saturn on Rahu may even cause the dosha which results because of the previous bad actions of the individual. The biggest drawback of Shrapit Dosh includes that it nullifies positive effects of favourable as well as good yogas too.

In the Zodiac system, it is said that Saturn owns 2 houses, the 10th as well as 11th which are called Capricorn and the other one if Aquarius. The house of Capricorn pertains to the deeds or the karmas and the house of Aquarius pertains to profits or gains. While interpreting the effect of the zodiac pattern of an individual, the Saturn’s position is quite a decisive factor. Before making any kind of predictions about the shrapit dosh, it’s very important to assess the disposition as well as the strength of Saturn. The main reason behind this is that Saturn is considered to be an extremely deterministic planet which plays an important role either in favour of bad or good karmas of the individual.

Effects of the Shrapit dosha

The effects of shrapit dosh include:

  • It may increase risk of divorce in the life of the individual. The end result may turn a person into a widower or a widow. It may happen even when the horoscopes matching at the time of their marriage. Other issue might include problems of repeated miscarriage. The kids may fall sick often which may cause a major mental disturbance. The environment of the family could also be disturbed and a lot of fights may happen in the family without any particular reason. The condition may even affect career as well as the educational prospects of the individual.

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  • In case shrapit yoga is present in the horoscope of an individual, then there is no need to worry. There are certain shrapit dosha remedies which may help in averting the ill effects of the Shrapit Dosha or minimise it greatly.

Remedies for cancellation shrapit dosha

Cook rice on Saturday and make a ball of it with some ghee. It may be fed to fish or crow. Selfless service to disabled people, aged people, poor people and workers may help in averting the ill effects of the dosha.

It’s quite significant to maintain a very cool and calm state while dealing with the other people and balanced mental state avoiding quarrels, anger, etc.

One remedy for shrapit dosha cancellation is worshipping and offering prayers to Sri Ramchandraji. It is quite helpful in curing the Pitru Dosha. Performing the wedding of a girl or daughter is called Kanya Daan which helps in prominently reversing the effects of the Shrapit Dosha. Worshipping and offering prayers to Lord Hanuman would be beneficial for averting ill effects of the condition.

These are a few common shrapit dosha remedies for reducing the effect of shrapit Dosh. However, in case the effect of the dosha are severe then you may approach a learned and expert astrologer for checking the shrapit dosha in the birth chart of the native and for recommending the solutions accordingly.  

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