How to Read Birth Chart in Astrology?

How to read a birth chart
September 28, 2020

How to Read Birth Chart in Astrology?

Vedic birth chart reading is an art which a lot of people are interested in. Astrology basically studies communications between different stars, planets, personalities, etc. The charts of astrology are employed for interpreting the nature of an individual and accordingly make necessary predictions for his future. Reading astrology gives an insight into the inner self of an individual. For achieving the best results, you need to enter the city of birth of the individual where birthplace or the location of birth has been asked. On the basis of the device that you use, the location with the name of the city would drop down. You could also click the drop down for choosing the particular location. Choose the date of birth and the location of birth.

It is very important that while you read birth chart, check the data twice. You may also send a mail to the particular platform by sending all the information about birth. Tell the reason for preparing the birth chart. The customer care team of the platform would help you if you need any help with the time zones. Sometimes there are issues with accuracy of the time zones in almost all the programs of astrology. It would be good to check the time zone.

Time Zone is Imporatant in Birth Chart Reading

Sometimes, there is also a field which gives you the option “not sure about the time zone”. Some of the time zones that are there in the data are either not known or maybe subject to some exceptions or special issues. When you choose the location and click submit, the program would refresh your screen and you would see the new option under “not sure about time zone” option. You will have to adjust numerical value in that field. When you enter the correct value, you just need to choose submit again for getting the report.

When you not sure during birth chart reading vedic you may contact Online astrologer in India.

Locate the Sun Sign During Vedic Chart Reading

The exterior rim of the chart of the sun sign is mainly segregated into 12 section. The date of birth falls in one of these sections. The section where the date of birth falls is the zodiac sign. There are 12 sun signs. All these signs represent different traits of personality of an individual. You need to locate the section in which fall into for identifying your sun sign.

When you will learn how to read birth chart, you will see that a person would be drawn on a globe in the middle. The person would be found on top of longitudinal point. You may draw straight light beginning from that person towards the outer rim of that chart. This would signify your zodiac sign.

The planets, the stars and sun signs are drawn relating to the way they appear on the date of your birth.

Reading a sun sign chart is an exciting project according to birth astrology. You will start enjoying it once you will start understanding how it is done.

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