Vastu Tips for Pooja Room

Vastu Tips for Pooja Room
October 15, 2020

Vastu Tips for Pooja Room

According to expert’s vastu tips for pooja room, north-east is considered to be an auspicious location. It’s said to be a divine direction. However, not all homes have space in that particular direction for constructing a puja room. If this is the case, then the pooja room maybe located either in the north or east. The houses which are facing the east should have their pooja room in east or the north corner so that when you sit for offering prayers, you are facing east or north. Below are some vastu tips for puja room.

8 Best Vastu Shastra Tips for Pooja Room

#1 Direction of the Pooja Room

Working with professionals helps in designing a puja room perfectly as they would give you puja room vastu tips. Even though it could be a wonderful idea to optimise the space available in your, you should not locate your puja room under a staircase as it would mean people walking over roof of your puja room. Similarly, toilet is also not a good space for the same.

There are a lot of negative inside a bathroom and thus placing your pooja room next to a toilet or a bathroom is not considered to be auspicious. An idea design of a pooja room should be made in the form of a pyramid for roof, which should look like a gopura of temples.

The structure helps in improving the concentration of all the positive energies in that area. When you construct a new structure and if you wish to have a dedicated pooja room in it, then incorporating the design is easy. Even in apartments which are very small in size, you can have a pooja room with pyramid structure on the top. The price may vary on the basis of size of the pooja room, the price would also vary.

#2 Direction of the idols in the Pooja Room

The idols in the pooja room should be located in north east and they should not located very close to any wall. This is one of the most important vastu shastra tips for pooja room.

#3 Do not use that space for other Purposes

Avoid keeping anything in the pooja room. When have options of storage, place the cupboards toward the south or west. This is also one of the most important puja ghar vastu tips.

#4 Place the Agnikund and the lamps towards south east

You need to also make sure that idols are not broken or chipped or damaged.

#5 Use Copper Utensils

Copper is considered to be auspicious, thus, having copper utensils in the pooja room is considered to be good.

#6 There should be 2 Shitters for the Pooja Room Door

Ideally, there should be 2 shutters for the door of the pooja room and they should be made with wood preferably.

#7 Do not put up pictures of deceased or pictures which depict violence

There should no pictures depicting violence in the pooja room.

#8 Lighting options for the Pooja Room

Light blue, white, yellow, etc. are all soothing colours which are considered to be good for vastu.

So these are some of the tips that should be followed while building the pooja room.

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