How Important is your Rising Sign?

How important is your rising sign
October 22, 2020

How Important is your Rising Sign?

If you wish to understand the importance of sun in astrology you might have already downloaded the astrology app in your phone. With just a click, you would be able to find your moon and sun sign, rising sign, etc. But do you know what does all of this mean?

The different apps have taught us very well that there is a world much bigger than the natal charts and our zodiac signs. Though zodiac sign is most popular, and also the one which is used the most for figuring out the memes that would roast us the best, it is the rising sign which leaves an important impression for the first time.

Importance of Sun in Astrology

You need to think about it like this, the chart of your birth is just like snapshot of cosmos at the time when you came to earth. Each and every point as well as planet has some particular meaning and importance which say smoothing special and unique about your personality. The whole fact that it is personalised for you is the main reason why it is accurate.

You might have tried guessing someone else’s zodiac sign. There are chances that you might have chosen their rising sign in place of their sun sign. Rising sign importance is important here. This is mainly because rising sign basically depicts the face that you represent in front of the world. It shines in your looks and your first impression that you leave on others. You would see echoes of the rising sign in the personal style and everything that you are good at. It is lot more than just the comfort zone you are in, it is your genius zone.

If you think is your rising sign important then let’s consider it this way. Also known as ascendant, the rising sign is an important part of the birth chart apart from the sun sign. It is basically the constellation which was rising towards the horizon when you were born and this that name. The sign even signifies the starting point of your very first house, 1 of the 12 sectors of the star chart. Every house aligns with different aspects of the life of an individual from career, to love, etc. As this rising sign sets the base for the remaining part of the chart, it is extra special.

Advantage of knowing your rising sign

When you know about your rising sign and if you understand the importance of rising sign, you will be benefitted a lot. When you are aware of your unique skills as well as talent that you are capable of bringing to the table, you may leverage it and standout from the crowd. Whether it is the competitiveness of Taurus rising or kind-hearted nature of an Aries rising, you will definitely have something very special for the world. All you need to do is just be yourself always.

So since the rising sign determines your first impression on others, it is of great important. How you naturally act is symbolised mainly by rising sign. It depicts your mannerisms as well as your appearance and thus it is an important factor to be considered while interpreting your birth chart.

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