Difference Between Moon Sign and Sun Sign

Difference Between Moon Sign and Sun Sign
December 12, 2020

Difference Between Moon Sign and Sun Sign

Although you may belong to some specific zodiac sign, often you find yourself being attracting to behavioral traits of the other sun sign. While the sin sign dominates the zodiac personality since it’s mainly influenced by your birth month or birthday, there’s another aspect of the Science of astrology which not a lot of people know about.

How would you react that along with the sun sign, it is also important to know the moon sign and have a deep understanding of your feelings and emotions. You will have a sign along with your regular zodiac sign. This is basically the difference between moon sign and sun sign.

What’s your zodiac sign?

When most of the people ask about the sun sign, they’re generally checking about the zodiac sign. For the beginners, it’s very important to for you to understand what does it actually mean. Also called zodiac sign, it just tells us which sun sign, sun is positioned during the birth time.

Thus, from Pisces to Aries, sun may be in one of the 12 sun signs, which in the world of astrology, dictates the personality of an individual. The zodiac sign may shed a lot of light on the negative as well as positive traits of the personality of an individual. This is how difference between sun sign and moon sign may be mentioned.

Essentially, the zodiac sign dictates what you are looking for from his life and states the particular qualities as well as traits which you would inherit for achieving it. Each sun sign has a specific ruling plant that guides as well as influences personality of the individual under it.

For instance, Virgo is mainly governed by Mercury which is basically known to be plant for communication. That’s why you will meet the Virgo who does not have efficient skills of communication and is not well equipped for handling any kind of information.

What’s your sun sign?

Talking about the difference between sun and moon signs, represents position of moon during birth of an individual. Unlike sun, moon moves very quickly and also visits all zodiacs for approximately 2 to 2 and half days. As per universe of astrology, moon sign has second important influence on the personality of an individual as well as emotions.

What does it reveal?

Sun sign basically helps in defining the difference between sun and moon signs. It differentiates an individual from having personality traits as well as identical qualities from an individual who shares the zodiac sign. More often, it’s the lunar sign which may help in balancing out the extremes that you have in the zodiac sign. On the contrary, when your moon and sun falls under a specific sun sign only, you may have deep understanding as well as clarity about what exactly you are looking for from your life.

In simple words, the lunar sign is considered to be the gateway to the feelings and emotions of an individual, the subconscious mind and voice which resonates deep inside the head of an individual. It may divulge away from the untapped potential.

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