Rahu Mahadasha Effects and Remedies

Rahu Mahadasha Effects and Remedies
December 23, 2020

Rahu Mahadasha Effects and Remedies

Rahu Mahadosh- the 18 years period when the Rahu shows its effect on the life of an individual. The impact may be either negative or positive on the basis of the horoscope of an individual. As per Vedic astrology, it is a malefic planet which causes different kind of adverse effects. One of the rahu mahadasha effects is sudden loss, marital problems, chronic disease, decline in the mental abilities, etc.

Effects of the Rahu Mahadasha and Rahu Antardasha

  • The mind could mislead and the mental tension also increases
  • Wife could be suffering from some diseases and even conflicts may happen
  • Sorrow, ailments, losses, poison as well as wicked people could cause agony
  • There would be a risk from thieves, antagonism, distress from the wounds, destruction from the relatives, etc.

Remedies for Ketu Mahadasha:

Some of the remedies for ketu mahadasha include donating some black til or urad dal, woollen black blankets, blue clothes to the lower caste or sweeper, sugar to the ants, etc. You may even chant rahu mantras.

Effects of Rahu Mahadasha Jupiter Antardasha (Rahu mahadasha guru antardasha)

  • Obstacles in the work of defamation, loss, distress to children and wife, entrustment of the governmental authorities, etc.
  • There could be a risk of premature death.

Remedies could be

One of the best rahu dasa remedies is Worshipping Lord Shiva’s idol made with gold.

The effects of Mahadasha of Rahu Saturn Antardasha

Below are some of the rahu dasha effects that you may face:

  • Imprudent act could cause loss
  • There’s also a possibility of losing the position and also incurring anger of state
  • Quarrels with closed ones, unhappiness with relatives and friends in the far off land
  • One could even suffer injuries on few parts of body and also there could be some ailments because of blood infections and gastric troubles.


You should chant the Maha Mrityunjay mantras 324 times per day. You could also offer a buffalo or a black cow in charity.

Effects of the Rahu Mahadasha Mercury Antardasha

There would be Ninda of God and the Brahmins by natives, speaking lies, thieves, etc.


One of the best rahu mahadasha remedies say that you may donate some black til, woollen blankets, urad dal, etc.

Effect of Rahu Mahadasha Ketu Antardasha:

  • You may experience displeasure or loss of fame and wealth
  • Your family may have to suffer from hardships
  • You may experience during ailments
  • You might even have to bear heavy losses


You may give goat for charity, donate sesame, woollens blankets to poor, blue clothes, etc. You may also give some flour to ants. Also chant the Rahu mantra 324 times per day.

Effects of the Rahu Mahadasha Venus Antardasha:

  • Less money might be earned and the business may incur losses
  • Friends may not be friendly with you and your family alsomight oppose you.
  • Effects such as risk from wrath of great men and king, a possibility of affliction with certain diseases such as diabetes, anaemia, urine infection, etc.


You may worship Goddess Lakshmi and Durga. Also chant the Rahu mantra 324 times per day.

Effects of the Rahu Mahadasha Sun Antardasha:

  • Dysentery, fever, quarrels, thieves, fire, etc.
  • There could also be risk of critical diseases and illness


Worship Surya deity and offer water to the God in the morning. Chant the Rahu mantra 324 times per day.

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