Remedies of Kundli Doshas in Astrology

Remedies of Kundli Doshas in Astrology
December 30, 2020

Remedies of Kundli Doshas in Astrology

For each and every failure of humans, a defect or a dosha in horoscope is held responsible. Some of the doshas are usually known, whereas few of them aren’t so common and therefore they are not known widely. Irrespective of the dosha that you have in your kundali, they would have a say in your horoscope for sure. A lot of top rated kundali experts have explained a lot about doshas in astrology.

Dosha in kundali in Vedic Astrology signifies a combination of planets which do not let good things happen in your horoscope for fructifying. It’s like blemishing on the horoscope. Various negative doshas in the horoscope could be casting the ill effects on natives simultaneously. Thus, it’s important to first identify the doshas, understand their timing of activation and then apply right karma corrections which might prevent the doshas from being activated.

Different Doshas in Kundali and Astrology

There could be innumerable doshas in kundali or horoscope, but just a few of them are discussed. The Pitra dosha, Nadi dosha, Kaal sarpa dosha, Mangal dosha, Putra dosha, Nadi dosha, Bhandhan yoga, Grahan dosha, Guru Chandal dosha, Paap Kartari dosha, Shani dosha, Angarak dosha, Gandalmppl dosha, Kemdhrum dosha, Shrapit dosha, etc. are some of the most common doshas.

These kind of doshas are importantly formed in the Kundali due to the misfortunes and the misleads which one might have in the previous birth. These kind of doshas pronounce some bad event or time in an individual’s life but understanding them in advance can help in solving the issue in detail.

Any kind of dosha, which might be left without the right remedies may help in developing the potential to cause harm the natives to great extent. The perception which some specific dosha is potent much more harmful as compared to other is thus not right. As a tiny hole maybe sufficiently harmful for sinking a huge ship, so can be a non-threatening dosha when not attended to properly.

Is it possible to Remove Manglik Dosha?

It is just not possible to remove manglik dosha or any other dosha for that matter, it’s said that Lord Brahma is considered to be the creator who scribbles the kundali or horoscope on forehead of the native on 6th after an individual’s birth. Once the janam kundali or the horoscope is allotted, even Lord Brahma can’t make changes in it. Thus, people who perform rituals with the conception which the rituals would wash the doshas of horoscope are completely wrong as well as misconceived.

Therefore no method has the potential of removing the mangal dosha from the kundali. With the help of remedial measures, you can learn about the different strategies of mitigating the issues which are generated because of such doshas. Rituals help in making the natives connect with the God and once it happens, the natives may learn about navigating through the problems.

A lot of people fall for the healers who say that they have the potential of diluting any kind of doshas from the horoscope.

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