How to Read Kundali in Astrology?

How to read kundli in Astrology
December 31, 2020

How to Read Kundali in Astrology?

Verify Birth Details

For interpreting a horoscope or a kundli, first you need to check if all the details like the date of birth, year, month, place, time, etc. have been supplied correctly by client. You need to ask your client about the place of birth of the concerned person. It’s extremely important because when wrong details about birth are entered for calculation, then wrong Vedic horoscope or interpretation happen.

Verify Power of the Planets

After creating the janam patri and the janam kundli, check about the degree of lagna or the ascendant and the planets. The grihas or the planets which have 0- 29 degrees are known to be on margin of 2 zodiac signs which are reduced in strength. When lagana or the ascendant is between 0-29 degrees, you will have to state by checking the features of the individual concerned that the zodiac would serve as an ascendant. Also, in this case the birth time and birth place would be precisely recorded.

Now, you need to check Moon’s power in kundli lagna by verifying the number of houses apart from it are present from Sun. When it’s present in 4 plus houses, then it would be considered to have good strength. When it’s there in 4 houses (except Sun), then it’s considered to have average power. When it’s there in less than four houses except Sun, it’s considered to have less power. The main thing here is that Moon Sign cannot go in more than seven houses except Sun Sign. When its seven houses apart accept Sun, it would be full moon. When its four houses apart, it would be approximately 50 percent in this phase. When it’s just 1 house apart, it would be approximately 0% in this phase.

Now you need to check the planets that are there for presenting the vakriya or retrogrades in birth chart. Mercury when combust wouldn’t be considered to be serious as its close to Sun and its also present combust often.

Check the planets that are there in the zodiac sign in natal charts, the planets which are there, the planets that are there neecha, the planets that are there in sign of the friends planets and the ones present on sign of the enemy planet.

Now, check the planets that are Dikbali or which hold the power because of their presence in a specific direction in the Janma Patri, Mercury and Jupiter are Dikbali in the first house, Mars and Surya “Dikbali” in the 10th House, Venus and Moon Dikbali in the 4th house and Saturn is also considered to be “Dikbali” in the 7th house. But, while you analyse Saturn planet as Dikabali, you need to always remember that the 7th house is house of married life, love life, and it’s very sensitive. Saturn could also harm the 7th house even though it’s Dikbali.

These are some of the important things that you need to always keep in mind while preparing or getting a birth chart prepared.

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