When Will I Get Married? Know by Indian Astrology

May 05, 2020

When Will I Get Married? Know by Indian Astrology

Marriage is a union between individual people leading to mutual rights and obligations. It’s an important decision to make since you will have to share the rest of your life with them. Small things such as when are you getting married can make a significant influence in your marriage. Indian Astrology has the tools to predict your marriage and how will the marriage be. They have the knowledge to predict the right time for marriage when you are likely to marry and check your compatibility result.

Indian marriage prediction Astrology is the oldest system of astrology to exist and it differs from Western and Chinese astrology. They make reading on actual constellations, the position of the planets, and other celestial beings recorded at an individual’s exact time of birth. This is called the Natal or Birth Chart. If you take this chart to the Anil Astrologer, they can easily do astrology by date of birth for marriage. Below lies the answer to your “When will i get married by Indian astrology?”

How to predict your marriage matching astrology?

Marriage astrology analyses your birth chart, studying the different positions of the planets in your Natal Chart which reflects your possibility of marriage, the timing of your marriage and how will your marriage turn out to be. The predictions made by the astrologers on your marriage are generic and not a detailed study of your marriage.

In the Birth or Natal Chart, the “Seventh House” is concerned with marriage and any kind of relationship. Without this house, no happiness can be attained in relationships and marriage. So 7th house is what you should check while arranging marriage prediction time by date of birth. If you do not know your 7th house then you can check your Ascendant and start counting anticlockwise, the 7th sign from there will be your 7th house.

Apart from this, some other houses should also be kept in mind for the timing of marriage. The next important house for marriage is the 8th house. This house is the second house from the 7th. This house tells you about your marriage stability. This house also represents the relationship between the families of the two individual’s getting married, do take note of this while taking your natal chart for a read since the cooperation of the two families is a necessity for the functioning of a happy married life.

Last but not least house responsible for marriage is the 11th house. The 11th house indicates a social circle. It also indicates the fulfillment of desire and wishes.

Marriage Prediction Astrology according to Planet

Venus: This planet is responsible for marriage matching astrology. Venus represents love and hence a good Venus will ensure a happy married life. The favorable position of Venus in the Janam kudali of a man will get him a good husband.

Jupiter: Jupiter also has an influence on marriages. Jupiter represents growth and expansion. The favorable position of Jupiter in the Birth Chart of a woman will get her a good husband.

Mars: This planet represents the relationship between the two individual who is involved in marriage.

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