About Chandra Dosha & It’s Remedies

Chandra Dosh
April 16, 2020

About Chandra Dosha & It’s Remedies

In Vedic astrology, the Moon represents the inner self. We know that the moon is closer to earth influences the high tide and low tide of the ocean. Similarly, the moon has an effect on the human body and mind. The moon is even considered to be the most influential planet that governs the mind, emotion, instincts, behavior, mood, and feelings. The moon’s position when you were born can shed light on your inner self and just as how you only show your inner self to a few, one might not be comfortable expressing them. But in times of stress, these attributes get highlighted making you feel exposed and out of control.

Chandra Dosha occurs when the moon is closest to the ruling Nakshatra during the birth time (Constellation). If the moon is strong then it is reflected in one’s health, wealth and emotional stability.

What is Chandra Dosh?

Chandra Dosh means the weak moon during Chandra Mahadasha. The weak Moon can create problems in life and harm relationships. Scroll down to read more about the effects of Chandra Dosha.

There are plenty of adverse effects that one may experience or suffer from due to the Chandra dosha. Some of the common ones are mentioned below.

  • Body pain, weakness, and lethargy are also some of the issues that one can face.
  • Sleepiness and drowsiness and feeling weak all day.
  • Mental tension and weakness, or headache could also be the common problems faced by people who are affected by Chandra dosh.
  • Personality disorders such as mood swings and depression could also be experienced by some of them.
  • Financial crisis
  • Some women could experience menstrual problems and fertility issues as well.


If the effect of Chandra Dosha is creating constant problems in your life then the following methods are recommended on how to remove Chandra dosha or reduce it to an extent.

Chandra Dosh Remedies

Following some of the chandra dosh remedies could help you in getting away from the Chandra Dosha. Here are a few of them explained.

  • Donate some rice, grains, camphor, white cloth, silver, conch, white sandal, white flower, sugar, bullock, curd, and pearls (especially on a Monday).
  • Keep a fast or vrat for 9 consecutive Mondays to reduce the effect of the moon. Doing this appeals to the deity.
  • Wear a gemstone (pearl ) of suggested weight according to your astrologer can reduce or even nullify the effect of Chandra Dosha.


Chandra Dosha Nivaran Mantra:

You may chant this mantra to help yourself or escape from the dosha effects:

Dadhi shankha tusharabham kshirodarnava sambhavam ||

Namani Shashinam somam shambor mukutbhushanam ||

Chanting of this chandra dosh nivaran mantra is recommended to those who are going through Chandra Dosha. Wear a 2-Mukhi Rudraaksha for better effect. If you still have any doubts regarding the same and are facing complex problems in life, then it is better to meet a pandit or an astrologer to find the best solutions. However, in case the effect of the dosha is severe then you may approach a learned and expert astrologer for checking the Chandra dosha in the birth chart of the native and for recommending the solutions accordingly.

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