6 Zodiac Signs That Will Be Lucky in Love In 2022

lucky zodiac signs 2022
November 11, 2021

6 Zodiac Signs That Will Be Lucky in Love In 2022

Everyone wants to be lucky in love, but stars say that the 2022 love horoscope will undoubtedly be lucky for 6 of the zodiac signs. In Vedic astrology, Venus is the ruler when it comes to matters of the heart – love, romance, and attractions.

Here are 6 Lucky Zodiac Signs in 2022 blessed by Venus.

#1. Taurus

Taurians take relationships seriously, but they are not always upfront about their feelings. The start of 2022 might not be blooming with love and romance, but post-April would be strong enough to turn even casual relationships into the strongest ones. On the other hand, one might experience sluggishness during the time from June to August

#2. Cancer

2022 has good news for Cancerians because they are destined to meet their soulmates, but it is more accurate to come true only after April. However, the first quarter of 2022 is not recommended if you are thinking of making a bold move in love, like proposing or taking your relationship to the next step. 

#3. Virgo

2022 for Virgo is about stability in love and romance and zero space for flings and casual relationships. The first part of the year will help you focus on refining your relationship. However, the months of May, June, and July could be a bit of a test that demands your patience. According to the horoscope, you might find love in a friend. 

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#4. Scorpio

Scorpions are known to be very passionate and intimate in love and romance. Scorpions tend to be intimately interested in physical love, and 2022 is lucky for them as the presence of Jupiter is strong. In 2022, Scorpions are meant to experience intensity in passion and romance. However, 2022 is not recommended for making commitments.

#5. Sagittarius

Sagittarius is all about freedom and adventure, but 2022 has something new for them as from the very beginning of 2022, the couples will be inseparable. Couples will be more attentive and intimate towards each other and will make an effort by being together or spending time together. 

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#6. Pisces

The first 3 months of the year might not be the most happening compared to the next three months. Pisceans have a high chance of meeting someone special during June and July, who could also be out of his immediate circle. If you have been interested in someone, mid-year would be a great time to express your feelings.

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