How to Predict Child Birth from Horoscope

How to predict childbirth from a horoscope
October 30, 2021

How to Predict Child Birth from Horoscope

Marriage is a really crucial relationship in our lives. However, it has been said that a kid completes a family. A couple’s life becomes challenging if they consummate no child. In this article, we will look at how to use astrology to predict childbirth.

We can encounter challenges and obstacles during childbirth. Though with the progress in medical science, such problems have been reduced to a certain extent. Yet, there still are cases in which people do not achieve success despite medical assistance. In such cases, astrology or your zodiac can be useful.

Why is a Horoscope Important when Predicting Childbirth?

Delay or simple difficulty in getting pregnant can devastate a marriage. Relations with the spouse, in-laws, and extended family may suffer as a result of the stress.

So, before you actually start trying for a little bundle of joy, consult Vedic astrology to find out what fate has in store for both you and the future offspring. Vastu Shastra, also known as Vedic Astrology, or the study of light, has its origins in Indian writings known as the Vedas.

What Role does the Horoscope have in Child Birth?

  • The Lagna during the time of conception is known as Adana Lagna, and it governs the critical eighth months of pregnancy. When this Adana Lagna is troubled, it causes miscarriages and serious complications during the pregnancy phase.
  • The strength of the second, fifth, and tenth houses must be evaluated. The stars Sun & Jupiter must be examined for a son, and the Mercury star should be examined for a girl child.
  • Persons with the digits 1 and 3 in their birthdate are frequently blessed with a boy child. The appearance of the digits 2, 5, and 6 identify the existence of daughters. The presence of number 8 indicates delays.
  • The occurrence of 7 and 9 indicate a miscarriage or caesarean birth.
  • For couples experiencing difficulties during childbirth, the horoscopes of both sides should be examined. The existence of Pitra dosha during labour causes delays. However, after medical therapy, the outcome is unfavourable. Astrology is a super-science, and medical science is based on it.


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