Vastu Shastra for House

Vastu shastra for house

Vastu Shastra: The house is the heart for each person. We all want to live happily with our family members in a home. But, sometimes because of inaccurate placement or any others, we suffer from bad health, distraction with family members and many other issues. Vastu Shastra for house helps you to keep away negative energy and get positive energy surrounding you. Best Vastu for home brings health, wealth and great peace of mind.

IMP Vastu Shastra Tips by Vastu Specialist in Ahmedabad

Here we mentioned some useful Vastu tips based on Indian Vastu Shastra rules.

There are various different areas which are covered in Vastu home plans such as Vastu for kitchens, Vastu for a bedroom and Vastu for pooja room and many others. But, the most important is Vastu for home entrance. As entrance is the place from where the positive and negative energy comes and goes.

  • The main entrance should be in front of the east or north direction.
  • According to Indian Vastu Shastra is good to buy a north-facing home, as it ruled by lord kuber who provide a wealth.
  • Lord Yuma governs this direction who also provides wealth and health. However, people living in south-facing homes only get prosperity if they construct home as per certain Vastu home designs
  • In Vastu Shastra very positive and negative effects mentioned about east-facing homes. Still, it is a second adopted side by a large number of people.
  • If you construct a home, according to west facing house Vastu, it is a good idea as it provides good luck and success in your life

If you want to know about Vastu for home construction, contact to the Anil astrologer, he has deep knowledge regarding Vastu house plans. He provides you with great Vastu Shastra remedies to be happy in your home. He will provide you with all the necessary guidance about basic Vastu for home.

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