How to Reduce the Effect of Rahu?

How to Reduce the Effect of Rahu?
October 17, 2022

How to Reduce the Effect of Rahu?

Getting rid of Rahu must start with understanding the significance of Rahu and paying attention to certain things in life. The more important part here is to understand the position of Rahu placed in the horoscope. Once you analyse the Rahu in the birth chart, the pacification remedies will work better.

Rahu in different houses shows different things, each house representing different significations and effects. Therefore, while the remedies are particular to each house and their effects, we will discuss the most common ones here.

Effect & Remedies of Rahu

Chanting Mantras

For pacifying Rahu, it is necessary to chant mantras of the planet. Vedic mantras help you pacify the planet and bring relief. The Rahu Vedic Mantra is “Om Kya Nashchitra aa Bhuvaduti Sadavrudhah Sakha, Kya Shachishthaya Vrita”.

Reciting Rahu Kavach Strotra

One of the other ways to pacify Rahu is by reciting Rahu Kavach Strotra. This strotra is meant to end the disturbance in a person’s life caused by Rahu. You will find the description of this source in Mahabharata.

Worship Shiva

Lord Shiva is known to bestow blessings on anyone who worships him and has bestowed his blessings on both demons and deities. So if you have issues in your life because of Rahu, you can worship Shiva to pacify Rahu.


If you want to reduce the effect of Rahu in your life, then gemstones are other ways to do so. Certain gemstones like blue sapphire, diamonds, cat’s eye stones, etc., help you eliminate the adverse effects of Rahu in your life. The most common approach people follow to do this is by wearing jewellery made of these stones.

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While Rahu might have an impact on your life, it is you and you alone who can make it worse through your actions. Rahu alone doesn’t cause negative impacts on your life, but what it can do is magnify the effects of your poor choices or failed responsibilities. This is why it is always important to ensure you practice good values and judgements in all aspects of your life.

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