Role of Venus in love: Ways to increase love and harmony with Venus

Role of Venus in love: Ways to increase love and harmony with Venus
December 22, 2023

Role of Venus in love: Ways to increase love and harmony with Venus

To make love relationships and married life happy, do these measures on Friday
To sweeten your relationship with your partner, definitely adopt these astrological remedies on Friday.

Obviously, no one would like to stay away from their partner or bear his/her displeasure. But sometimes it becomes difficult to convince the partner, even after many efforts. If you are also having difficulty making your relationships sweet, then you can make your love relationships and married life happy by taking some easy measures on friday prescribed by famous Astrologer in India Anil Astrologer.

Do these measures every Friday to increase love and harmony

While Bathing

Put white colored flowers in the water with which you have to take a bath. White is very dear to Lord Venus and if you put a flower of this color in water and take a bath with that water, then the defects associated with the planet Venus are removed and the problems in your love life and marital life are reduced.

Chant the mantra of Venus

To get rid of Shukra Dosh, you can chant the Venus Beej Mantra ‘Draam Draam Draum Sah: Shukraya Namah’ 108 times on Friday. Do chant it. Anil Astrologer says that the planet Venus is also a symbol of beauty. Chanting this mantra will not only make your body beautiful but will also bring sweetness to your behavior and your relationships will also become better. If you want to sweeten your love relationship and strengthen your relationship, then you should definitely adopt this solution.

Donate these things

To make your married life sweet, donate silver, rice, sugar candy, white clothes, curd, and white sandalwood to a poor or needy person on Friday. Make this donation when you have a disagreement with your spouse or the conversation has stopped over some issue.

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Buy this item on Friday

Venus loves fragrant things very much. If you and your spouse are going through a rough patch in your marriage, it may help to purchase a nice perfume on Friday and wear it all day long. This solution will help your marriage heal.

Definitely do this on Friday

Light a lamp of cow’s milk ghee in the north-east corner of the house on Friday evening. Put some saffron in this lamp and use red colored cotton thread instead of cotton. By doing this, positive energy will enter inside you, which will bring sweetness to your behavior and also improve your relationship with your partner.

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