Why does Vashikaran Fail?

Why does Vashikaran fail
January 20, 2021

Why does Vashikaran Fail?

Vashikaran mainly fails because everything which happens, happens because God’s wants it to happen. It is just not possible to control ourselves, then how can you expect it from others?

So the main thing isn’t vashikaran, but its vivashikaran which means becoming absolutely helpless in front of God and crying, giving into his will. This succeeds.

The success of vashikaran depends mainly on the individual as to how precisely he implements tactics of the science. Someone may get the control over his mind with the help of human psychology, saam, daam, dand, bhed which means that you may be able to control an individual by simply:

  • Making the person understand the situation with the help of emotional touch
  • Giving money to the person
  • Giving the dire consequences
  • By revealing the secrets

Why does Vashikaran Fail?

You may consider the power to control the mind from the remote location in order to know why vashikaran fails.

You could convince anyone for performing the task by just following any of the above mentioned rules but you need to ensure that you strike to that person’s level.

Is it possible to go against the will of nature? You need to feel the nature’s power during the time of pandemic. So basically, vashikaran tries going against the nature for being precise against the free will of the individual. Compelling anyone to go against his will is called vashikaran. Thus, its best way is praying to god for fulfilling the desire. This would definitely work but would take time. God changes the individual and other person for getting both together. It’s a very slow process but it is a sure process. No backlashes and it is all as per the nature’s law.

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Since there’s no Tantra which controls a normal mind. Weak brains may be controlled with the help of Vashikaran. This process is completely imaginary. It’s simply a trick for making an individual believe that something is being pushed on by someone.

Vashikaran is basically a Science which has an effective solution to a number of issues. But, there’re times when this Science fails excessively. Now, the question is why does it fail? The main thing that you should keep in mind is to look for a good specialist.

There are a lot of reasons why Vashikaran may completely fail or may go wrong. Any good Vashikaran specialist realises the significance of a number of factors which go for chanting right mantras.

Some important factors may be:

  • Right pronunciation- right pronunciation of mantras is very important
  • Authentic mantra chanting.
  • Thoughts free mind- the mind needs to be absolutely free whole you chant the mantras. It shouldn’t have nay thoughts.
  • Right process- sadhana of vashikaran mantras is basically a Science, a series of the instructions which should be followed for getting accurate results
  • Belief in the mantras- genuine belief of mantras of Vashikaran is another pre-requisite in order to get good results.
  • Same time each day- there’s a strong relation between clock of universe and success of Vashikaran mantras. Consistent time of mantra chanting should also be maintained

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