Reasons for Delay in Marriage

February 14, 2020

Reasons for Delay in Marriage

Life is mortal, and nobody can dispose of this well-known fact. Subsequently, everything needs to occur in the life at the correct time. Be it marriage or be it proficient career, we must give the most extreme attention to finish everything with far less time. The Delay in marriage of an individual can be the reason for some issues throughout everyday life. Do you know Why Marriage gets delayed? To know more about it, read on.

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Major Reasons for Delay in Marriage as per Astrology

As we probably know, marriage is a significant and important event in our life; it is in every case better to get married at the perfect time. Once in a while, Anil Astrologer put our soul, heart, and effort to find the best match. However, the marriage remains a far off dream. The following are the Reasons for Delay in Marriage as per Astrology.

  • The marriage gets postponed when the marriage lord or 7th lord is retrograded, and Mars is placed in the eighth house.
  • There will be late marriage if the seventh lord is not strong and placed in the sixth or eighth house in the birth chart.
  • Both seventh lord and Saturn become a karak and conjoined together, and it turns into the reason for delayed marriage.
  • The marriage turns out to be amazingly postponed when there is a mutual part of Saturn and Venus in the birth, and the moon stays in the eighth or twelfth.  
  • An individual gets married in mature age when the planet Saturn and Venus are set in the ascendant and Mars is put in the seventh.
  • When the Moon is with Rahu in the seventh house and the seventh master is disabled, at that point, there will be abundance of obstacles and late in marriage.
  • If the ruler of ascendant and Moon sign are put with a malefic planet and put in the seventh house, likewise, the seventh lord is placed in the twelfth house. This whole combination indicates Late Marriage Astrology.
  • If the sixth, seventh, or twelfth house ruler is put in the seventh house or perspective the seventh house, it shows delay in the joy of married life.
  • If the fifth house ruler and seventh house lord commonly aspect one another and are related to the malefic planets, the marriage will be postponed because of some resistance. In any case, if the fifth or seventh master is in possess a house or lifted, at that point, there will be no Delay in Marriage in Astrology.

Late Marriage Astrology Solution

Vedic mantras are a basic Delay Marriage Solution and prevent delay of marriage because of terrible astrology mixes. If the delay is because of the Manglik dosha, then it is advised to recite Mangal Mantra “Om Kram Kreem Krom Saha Bhoumaye Namah”.

To look for different combinations, recite “Om Brahm Brahaspataye Namah” if the individual is female, and “Om Shum Shukraye Namah” if the person is a male.

There is an idiom that says, “Strike the iron when it is hot”. This is additionally material here. If the dasha, antardasha, and travels are ideal, it will be easy to find the perfect life partner and marry, so check your running dasha and transit.

If you are looking for delay in marriage astrology service then contact our love marriage specialist provide the best astrological solution.

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