Interesting Zodiac Sign Facts

Some Interesting Facts about Zodiac Sign
January 27, 2021

Interesting Zodiac Sign Facts

It is the nature of humans to get more information about themselves. And for most of the people, astrology, study of alignment of the celestial bodies and the way it influences the lives of human beings give an opportunity. Some even swear by the divine power of astrology.

It is considered to be like an invisible power which shapes as well as molds lives of people. Others insist that the entire practice is just crock, and also that keeping in sync with the weekly horoscope is of no use. But, irrespective of where you are falling in the spectrum, the influence of the power is just undeniable. Astrology is multi billion industry today.

Most Interesting Zodiac Sign facts

1. Only 2 signs rule presidency

Looking at all the presidents Pisces and Scorpio birthdays pop out often as compared to other signs. There’re just 3 world leaders having Gemini as their sun sign which makes it the least common sun sign.

2. Cancerians are very dangerous

According to an analysis, it has been found by FBI that Cancerians are arrested the most as compared to all the other sun signs and they commit some very serious crimes.

3. Oldest horoscope is very old

The oldest horoscope which has been discovered by fay was for 29th April, BC. It is also considered to be the beginning of astrology.

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4. Leos are more concerned about fitness

According to a survey of about 10000 women, it was seen that Leos are more likely to hit the gym than any other sun sign.

5. Blood type maybe used in place of sun signs in Japan

In place of the astrological sun signs, people attribute the traits of their personality to the type of blood in Japan. Thus, it is not unusual for anyone to ask about your blood group.

6. Virgos are mostly discriminated the most

In China, an employer posted a few listings of job and he specifically wanted candidates who were not Virgos. He also did not want Scorpios.

7. Sagittarians are quite likely to be famous

According to a research by Cartoon Network, it was seen that Sagittarians are more likely to be famous with 1 in every 5 stars taking birth during this time of zodiac.

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8. Leos are considered to be the worst drivers

According to a data shared by a car sharing service in Australia, it was found that Leos are likely the most to be busted for speeding.

9. Capricorns have a wandering eye

Out of all the astrological signs, Capricorns are considered to have wandering eyes. It is people belonging to this sun sign that are found to be indulged in adultery the most.

10. Aries make for most number of billionaires

According to an analysis of Forbes list for billionaires, it was found that most of the people belonging to this list had Aries as their sun sign.

11.  World leaders mostly belong to Scorpio sun sign

According to a data analysis, it was seen that more number of world leaders have Scorpio as their sun sign.

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